Study in the US at the University of South Calorina, the premier prestigious school

If you are a  big fan of Harry Potter and love the ancient, slightly nostalgic space, you will definitely have a wise choice when deciding to study at the University of South Calorina (USC). This is one of Shorelight Education’s schools, America’s leading Education Group, which is highly appreciated by many students and chosen to bridge the dream of studying in the United States.

  1. Introduction generally about University of South Calorina

The University of South Carolina State of South Carolina, founded in 1801, is a public university, located in Columbia, South Carolina, and the United States with seven campuses. There are about 34,100 students in which more than 1,200 international students from more than 100 countries around the world are studying at the University from Bachelor, Master to Doctor. Offers more than 350-degree programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional qualifications. The school is highly appreciated for innovative and excellent methods in the areas of teaching, learning, research and the number of students achieving high results after graduation.

Study in the US at the University of South Calorina, the premier prestigious school

With 200 years of experience, the University of South Calorina prepares students to become creative leaders in the future. The school, which is one of 32 public schools that achieve the Carnegie Foundation’s top goal for research and community involvement. According to the Financial Journal Kiplinger (2017) and Forbes (2016), the University of South Calorina was voted the “best value public university” and US News and World Report also rated the school’s programs as top The best in the country as well as in the world.

The main fields of study of the school are very diverse, including the most prominent branches of International Business (International Business), Tourism and Hospitality Management (Management and Hospitality Management) and Sports and Leisure Management (Sports Entertainment Management). In addition, the school also trains other disciplines such as Anthropology, Art Education, Art History, International Studies, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Geography, History, Psychology. The study, Physics, Sociology; Preschool/primary/ physical education; Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering; Advertising, Information Science, Public Relations; Compose music, Music education, Performing; Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health; Community service, and so on.

  1. Why we should choose University of South Calorina
  2. Convenient location

South Carolina is a state in the south of the United States. International students, who study in South Carolina have many places to visit, at the top of the list are splendid park landscapes that make up the beauty of this state such as the national historical trail Overmoutain Victory, the calendar location Charles Pinckney National History at Mt. Pleasant, Congaree National Park at Hopkins, Cowpens National Battlefield near Chesnee, Fort Moultrie National Monument at Sullivan’s Island, Fort Sumter National Monument at Charleston Harbor, Kings Mountain National Military Park in Blacksburg and the national historical landmark Ninety Six.

South Carolina not only possesses beautiful scenery, rich history and many interesting places to visit and many things to do, it also has a wonderful climate all year round (humid tropical). For international students who are passionate about arts and culture influenced by South America, South Carolina is well suited to their interest in learning about history. Students will have invaluable experiences by immersing themselves in the rich monuments of this cultural heritage.

  1. Impressive numbers

Over 200 years of history, the University of South Calorina has affirmed its reputation and quality of training through a series of impressive numbers such as:

– Ranked 46th best public universities (2018)

– Ranked 103 the best university in the country

– The leading university with the fourth fastest growth rate in the United States

–  A national leader on research programs at bachelor level

– Ranked 1st in international business at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels

– Leading the international MBA program

– Leading the best international experience (Financial Times)

– Ranked No. 4 on the postgraduate program in Social Psychology

– As one of 40 public universities recognized by Carnegie Foundation for both Research and community attraction

– Ranked 10th in the top 25 graduate programs

– Top 10 graduate programs in Sports Management and Entertainment

– Ranked No. 45 on undergraduate business programs and ranked 71th in graduate programs

– Top 10 Hotels and Tourism Management programs, Risk Management and Insurance programs

– Ranked 98th in the world in business and economy

– Small class sizes ensure students have more opportunities to interact and receive more attention and support from teachers.

  1. Attentive support service

The University of South Calorina provides 24/7 student support, helping students answer all questions whether large or small in their study, research and daily life. In addition, the consultant team also assists students in all areas from learning to personal issues such as airport pick-up, opening bank accounts and registering phone numbers.

Unlike other schools, the University of South Calorina’s orientation program will not end only after the first-week students come to school. It will last throughout the school year to best prepare students for their academic and career success.

  1. Flexible training program

The University of South Calorina offers a variety of training programs with flexible conditions, enabling students to enroll at any time, at any level with any need. Admission time is January, May and August.


LList Program Requirement Fee ($/courses)
1 English Course IELTS is under 5.0 5.000

The first-year college student



IAP: the 1st year program for international students with a high level of English but need to improve other academic subjects – Graduated from High school

-GPA of 7.0

– IELTS 6.5

AAP: A one-year program for students with good English skills but still wants to be supported to develop in their studies, while training University Extension classes, fostering skills and vocabulary to succeed in the future career. – Graduated from High School

-GPA of 6.25

– IELTS 5.5



EAP: 1.5-year program (3 semesters) for students pursuing intensive English language study – Graduated from High School

– GPA of 6.25

– IELTS 5.0



3 The 2nd,3rd,4th of University Complete the IAP program 31.962/year


– Graduated from  University

– GPA of 3.0

– IELTS 6.5



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